About CIRA

The Chamber of Importers of the Argentine Republic (CIRA) is a private, non-profit, non-governmental organization with 111 years of service in the import sector.

Our professional team provides technical services for importing companies and foreign trade sectors across the nation.

We are at the forefront of the latest global trends in foreign trade and in Trade Facilitation, in an effort to optimize times and costs for the sake of competitiveness.

We support the import sector as it plays a key role in the economy. Over 80% of our country’s imports are used in industry and production.

CIRA gathers more than 1200 companies from diverse economic sectors, which employ thousands of Argentine people and contribute to the strengthening of the value chain and national productive matrix.

Message from the President

President Ruben García

Historical reality shows us that imports have evolved hand in hand with the historical, political and economic context. It would be unthinkable to attempt to describe Argentina’s economic growth without mentioning the link between this process and foreign trade, imports as fundamental to the design of a development model, and the bridge connecting Argentina and the world through the supply of necessary goods that keep the wheels of internal production turning.

Since 1907, CIRA has represented the interests of the sector with regards to importing. Our institution defends foreign trade, clear and transparent regulations and simple logistics to allow both the importer and exporter to reach the end consumer with lower costs. Time optimization and the corresponding efficiency in costs and commercial and industrial operations help Argentina go out into the world with competitive prices.

President Ruben García President

Board of Directors

Period 2019-2020

Ruben Oscar García
F.V. S.A.
Vice President
Obdulio Oscar Pérez
Munditol S.A.
Victor García
Mercator S.A.
Vice Secretary
Dario Pisani
Organización Rafer S.R.L.
Oscar Ramón Esperón
Dos Santos Pereira & Cia S.A.
Vice Treasurer
Matias Javier Bavosi
Bavosi S.A.

Committee Members

Enrique Rodolfo Penco
Omnimex S.A.
Leonardo Mercante
Neumasur S.A.
Noelia Della Maggiora
Diba Autopiezas S.A.
Esteban Rondinella
New Country Life S.R.L.

Alternate Members

Hugo Cicchilli
Arredobagno S.A.
Diego Maresca
Asahi Argentina S.A.
Valeria Tamburo
Acindar S.A.
Marcelo Navarian
M.Vahe Merdinian S.A.
Santiago Repetto
Inernacional Optica S.A.
Yago Cánepa
Interdatos S.A.

Audit Committee

Period 2019-2020

Juan Laffitte
Marwen S.A.
Alejandro Estevez
Guialemar S.R.L.
Alfredo Rodríguez
Alvear Palace Hotel S.A.
Rodolfo Engelmann
Engelman & Cia S.A.

Our Team

General Manager

Fernando Furci

Foreign Trade

Laura Giménez
Agustina Centeno
Yamila Perdiguero
Agostina Speranza

Press and Communication

Marina Combis


Liliana Bellmunt
Jésica Favero


Reyna Torrez Guzmán

We are a team of young professionals who started to regularly meet back in 2013, with the purpose of getting to know each other, networking and sharing common concerns about importing. Not only to evaluate possible solutions together, but also to ensure the proper development of our activity.

We consider ourselves part of the Argentine economy, and for this reason we feel a responsibility to find ways to improve our foreign trade performance, in order to reduce costs to benefit the consumer. We also constantly evaluate the technological tools available to cut times.

We collaborate with other young organizations to ensure a general welfare. We believe that imports can boost the economy. We have the responsibility to improve the present to lead future generations to a more prosperous scenario. Our team constantly interacts with diverse foreign trade sectors as a way to keep invigorating our activity.